In Oct 2012, I got an opportunity to visit New York for the first time. I finished my MBA the same year, and to discuss a business plan with my partner (residing in NY), I decided to visit him. The day after I landed there, hurricane “sandy” came. However, we were safe and sound as we were staying away from the shore in the outskirts, a beautiful countryside name Ithaca. Sandy Hurricane did a lot of damage in some parts of NY and neighboring cities. During this time, the elections were going on. “Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney”

So it happened that one day, I was strolling in the streets of Ithaca, and the campaign was going on for Barack Obama. I just found out a surprise visit by Mr. Obama was to happen during this campaign. As I spoke to people in the crowd about their fav candidate, I saw Mr. Obama walking in the middle, meeting everyone. I got my beautiful chance to shake hands with him and exchange a smile. His energy was energetic, and it felt great.

I spent the next few days with my partner in Ithaca as other places were not safe to visit. I decided to spend the last two days of my trip in New York’s central city. The city is beautiful and crowded, and the subway metros remain tightly filled with passengers. I roam inside the serene central park, which is a fantastic place for recreation. In the evening, I visited Times Square, glittering with big screens from all sides. Music and the whole ambiance are party-like.

One of the most exciting and wondrous visits was to the Empire State building. As I had the flight the same day evening, I just had a couple of hours to visit and get a ticket to go on to the top of the building. Luckily I got that chance. The view from the top was majestic, and one could feel the entire city floating. The statue of liberty looked so small from the top.

The empire state building is the first 100+ story building in the world. The structure is ancient and magnificent. They have these telescopes on the top to see far away things. When the breeze on the top hits you, it makes you fly (not literally). Despite Hurricane Sandy, my visit to NY was excellent and enjoyable.

Since this was part of the writing workshop, the question for you is to identify what’s not the truth in it. One thing did not happen out of three- the Sandy hurricane, meeting with Mr. Obama, and the Empire state building visit. I will disclose the answer next Sunday.