“That soul is your sole companion” ~ Om Swami

You might remember this quote from the 2022 Guru Purnima event. How apt is it? Don’t you agree? All along, since the moment we gained awareness, we have been eternally accompanied by our soul. Have you ever wondered what the soul is? Me too, for many years in fact.

From what I have grasped so far, I feel that:

  1. Our soul is that ‘me’ within us who witnessed our first day at school and who also happens to be awake right now! It’s that eternal ‘thing’, it just never leaves! Clingy huh?:)
  2. It’s the entity which feels light and free when we enjoy a moment of laughter.


  3. Your soul is that ‘you’ who feels that it never aged! Does it feel like you’re only 18? Well, there you go. Hello soul!


  4. The soul has no desire, as such. In the evening, when you’ve eaten a nice meal and had a nice beverage, in the warmth of comfort – everything feels complete. That contentment is a reflection of the soul.


  5. Sometimes a moment of clarity dawns on us. We realise that our emotional, mental and psychological fluctuations were impermanent. A sense of wisdom and peace dawns on us. We just know that it will all be okay!
    The soul is that feeling.


When nothing matters anymore – the past, future and even thoughts no longer have any meaning. You just are! When love prevails, the soul manifests and we’ve successfully allowed our soul to be our sole companion. And it doesn’t even wear shoes, because it’s without a sole! (Ha!) Talk about being low maintenance- all it needs is an empty mind, and it’ll walk with ya!:)