“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.” Evita Ochel.

These lines trickled something in me and when I received a message from my nephew” Suraj” it was sure that I need to write on it. This one is for you Suraj.

Let’s start the journey of thousand steps with the first cry as a child and try to recognize how we are brought up and how may be out of love, care or ignorance, our character is built because of the feedback of our family and friends. It’s been a decade I meet Dr. Dogra who while in his clinic told me something which I thought was to be true.

The line goes like, if you want to get married to a girl go and meet her BUA (father’s sister) and if you want to get married to a boy go and meet his father. Now this was something that had registered in my heart and still is afresh as this meeting just happened yesterday. But what made me intrigue was that this line of his made an impact on my mind and I tried to find out the similarities in the nature of girls and boys as how close they are related to their Bua and Father, but the question is why not Mom and why Bua, and the answer was genes. (Goter ek hota hai).

Well why this story here.

The way we are brought up we are conditioned to react to certain things in a certain way and we can find several incidences in our surrounding where we find some characteristics in the father and son, and mom and daughter, I am still to find the perfect match of a Bua and daughter though.

And this is what makes us the puppet of other people as right from the childhood we are not allowed to take our decisions and we are taught to act in a given way in a given situation. when a child is busy in playing, he is told to study, when they are laughing, they are told to be quiet, when they are silent and analyzing a situation, we give them a verdict to smile. When they are trying to get comfortable with a stranger by taking their time they are forced to laugh and greet them with a smile. What are we doing by giving them these acts? We are just conditioning them to act in a set manner, and what it leads to, it leads to building a character which cannot enjoy the flow of life and its take’s way the warmth of being loved.

Now the question is what to do as we are also trained to act in a certain way, the steps can be

1.      Accept that you are wrong

2.      Try to unlearn

3.      Make sure you are aware of your actions and take responsibility

4.      Make a journal and record everything that have been there and analyze your actions.

5.      If we are ready to understand and learn it, then only we can be on the right track of being mindful and give upbringing to the power houses we have in our homes.

What will it help with?

1.      More mindful while we take decisions.

2.      More precise with our work.

3.      More careful with the reactions that we give when people instigate us.

4.      And be in peace with us so that we are at best of us.

Let’s walk towards a better future for our future and loved one.