Sastang Pranam at your Lotus Feet Swamiji. Just want to tell you Love Ya! Please bless the insider one (you know who I am referring to). Kya karen, yeh dil maange more. More awakening, more divine knowledge, more kindness in heart, more improvements in viewpoint and more upper circuit hittings in Stock Market šŸ˜‰. Thank you for what you have bestowed upon us. Thanks for the way you are nurturing our souls. Thanks for being the daily part of our lives. Thanks for listening to the inner child in me. The list of Thank you is not going to end..

Today’s topic has already been revealed in the last blog itself! Yes, complaining birds coming in my dream. For last 2 months, I have been very busy professionally and Grihasth-wise also chasing some goals which I committed to myself. In this foray, I had to be out of Hyderabad for some time. In the process, somethings got neglected. One of the prominent things which got neglected was to water the plants in our small garden. Also, there were a lot of confusions as both Sun God as well as Rain God have been enjoying a gala time in Hyderabad on and off. If I water and it rains, small plants are not able to withstand the excess water and if I do not water and Sun God shows up in a dazzling manner, again the small plants suffer. It was quite a dilemma and more complex than solving Differential Calculus šŸ˜‰

In the process, the earthen pot, which I kept for birds filled with water, had taken a toll. sometimes, it was filled with thick moss and the other time it was completely dry. It led to great confusion for my beloved winged visitors. I am an ardent bird lover and if I get a chance to visit any place, I never forget to carry my camera with me to capture variety of birds in my lens. I spend some of my leisure time in bird watching and photographing them right from Bhubaneswar to Sydney, which you can find in my instagram account.

However, during last one and a half month, I had been negligent. I was not watering the plants properly, did not replenish the bird food in the hanging feeder in which the seeds were not in good shape. The bird bath was not in a condition for birds to even look at it. But, I had not realized all this lapses until 15 days ago an early morning dream in theta state of mind jolted me. The Bulbul (which is taking bath in the following photo) gently beaked me and told me to wake up and take stock of the situation of the garden. then came these little bee eater birds on the bamboo plants (next photo). In their chirping voice, they registered the same complaint.

When birds complained in my dream 2

When birds complained in my dream 3

Next was the turn of the House Sparrow who complained about the feeder. The voice was so high pitched that, it literally woke me up from the sleep. As I was coming to terms, the dawn was breaking and there were actual chirping sounds of various birds ready to start their day. Slowly I got up and sat on the bed contemplating what just happened. I went to down stairs and opened the main door, had a good look at the lovely plants waiting to see me. I watered them, touched them, talked to them and caressed them. They seem to look teeming with happiness or may be it was my inner satisfaction which was making me feel so.

I cleaned the bird baths filled it with fresh water. Also cleaned the bird feeder and replenished it with fresh seeds. After the same I came back to home, did some work and after 15 minutes, started brushing my teeth. As per my habit of staying in Govt. quarters, I started roaming while brushing. I cannot stand in front of the basin for the entire duration of brushing and Sahil comments me a lot on this ‘bad’ habit of me. To my surprise, two bulbuls were singing merrily while taking dips in the bird bath turn by turn. They were so jovial that my presence did not bother them. after 5 minutes of aqua games,Ā  both of them flew to a nearby tree branch to safety. In the early morning golden sun rays, they started pruning their feathers. The scene was so mesmerizing that, I was dumbstruck until my neighboring Aunty’sĀ  voice brought me back to the reality.

To my surprise, Sanghamitra and Sahil were also observing the same event. Afterwards, we got ready and left for office. During the daytime there were a lot of visits of various birds. Sparrows were in full swing with the bird feeder occasionally having conflicts. As Sahil was at home, he keenly observed all the events from the glass window. When we returned home, he showed photos of the birds feeding from the feeder blurrily captured with Cell phone. I was totally astonished and could understand that, the winged visitors were really having a tough time. Their complaint was quite genuine and they indeed interacted with my subconscious mind. Since then, they are regularly paying a visit to our garden without charging any fee šŸ˜‰

Many nests have bloomed in the dense balcony climbers of unknown small birds. Its quite interesting to note that, with their small beaks, they are tearing the bamboo leaves and taking them to the balcony area 10 meters away and crafting beautiful nests. We have stopped using the balcony not to create any interference in their activity. On the front side garden, Bulbul birds has made a nest and layed eggs on which the mother bird is sitting and hatching the eggs with full dedication. So I need to be careful while watering the plants.

It was really an awesome experience which I will never forget, neither will I neglect my feathered guests and floras whatever may the situation be.

Thank you all the readers for going through the blog. Love ya!

Jai Shri Hari…Ā 

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