The hindi class is back again for non hindi Speakers continuing ,today’s topic ….Muhawre
Or idioms..1) Naach naa jaane aangan teda( not knowing dancing and saying courtyard is slanting)….blaming circumstances or surroundings though we lack the actual skill! 2)eent se eent bajana( producing sound by hitting brick with brick)…giving someone a tough fight. 3) Airee chotee kaa zor lagaana( to put yor strength in heel and plait)…To work till full capacity 4) Kaan mei tel daal kar baithe rehna( sittings putting oil in ears) …Being stubborn.5) Daant kaati roti hona( biting chapati with teeth)…,being very dear to each other. 6) Sir par Paanv rakh kar bhagna( putting foot on head and running)..feeling insecure and running very fast.7) Gardan par chhuri ferna( to slide knife on neck)…mistreat some one.8) Nau do gyarah hona( to get 9,2 and 11)…to escape 9) sir ki baaji lagaana( head s stake)…not scared of death 10) Naak kaa baal hona ( being nose hair)…being some one s best friend t.11) Dabe paanv ( pressed feet)…quietly going somewhere 12) Dimaag mei bhoosa( mind with fodder) …brainless person .13) Doodh ke daant naa tootha( milk teeth not broken)..being too innocent or ignorant .14) Haath paanv marna( hitting hsnd and feet)..
Trying to work hard in all directions. 15) Daanto mei unglee dabaana,( pressing finger in teeth)..
Feeling embarrassed .16) akal ka dushman ( enemy of intellect)…foolish person. 17) Dabee zuban se kehna ( saying with pressed tounge)…hinting something 18) Gaal bajana( cheeks playing)…to gossip 19) Galle parna( hanging in someone s neck)…trying to get pally unwanted 20)Muthi bhar aadmi( hand ful people)…very few people.

To be continued..


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