Has any one ever wondered how hindi language conveniently uses animals in its idioms and if we think literally how would the visualisation be like ! Here are some Muhaware translated specially for non hindi speakers! The hindi speakers can till then imagine mentioned animals doing as stated………………………………………..1)Bheegi billi ban na( gettig drenched cat)…getting coward. 2) Naak par makhi naa baithne dena( not letting house fly sit on nose)…being very particular. 3) Aasteen kaa saanp hona( being a snake in shirt s cuff)…a confidant ditching u. 4) Oont ke mooh mei jeera ( cumin seed in mouth of camel) ..Too little food according to appetite and body size. 5)Urti chidiya ke pankh gin na( counting wings of flying bird)…being very smart ,wise and calculative. 6) Keetabi keera( Book worm) …Always into books. 7) Bhaare ka tatoo ( Mule on rent)..a person who can do any thing for money, faque person. 8) Apna Ullu seedha karna( making your owl straight)…gettig your work done. 9) Gadhe ko baap bnaanaa( making donkey father) …Agreeing to a person s all demands when hour of need! 10) Kaagaz ka sher( paper lion) ..Coward person 11) Kaath ka Uloo hona( wooden owl)…Foolish. 12) Geeedar bhapki dena( hyna givining howling)….Threatening some one faquely 13) Ghariyali aanso bahana( shedding crocodile tears) ….Showing false sympathy and pain. 14) Kutte ki dum ( Dog s tail)…Obstinate person. 15) Ghore pe sawaar rehna( always riding horse)…a person Always in hurry. 16)Kala akshar bhains barabar( Black alphabet like a buffalow)….Unlettered illiterate. 17) Saanp ko doodh pilana( feeding milk to snake)…Keeping a cunning and cheat with u. 18) Kutte ki maut marna( dying a dog s death)…very violent end. 19) Kutte ki neend hona( dog s sleep) …Overcautious person even in his sleep. 20) Gaaye hona( be a cow)…innocent person 21) Girgit ki tarah rang badlna( changing one s colour like chameleon)..untrustworthy person. 22) Kohlu ka bail hona( mustard oil s bullock)..
Too hard working person. 23) Bagla bhagat hona( being a Crane devotee)…faque praises person. 24) Jeeti makhi niglnaa( sucking house fly alive)…knowing something unacceptable still accepting it. 25) Makhiyaa marna( killing flies)….Work less person. 26) Pet mei choohe dauna( mice running in stomach)…very hungry. 27) Andhe ke haath batter( patridge in hands of blind)…Precious trasure found by a fool. 28) Bandar kyaa jaane adrak ka Swaad( how does monkey know taste of ginger) …a Valuable thing is useless for a fool. 29) Do muhaa saanp hona( a snake with 2 mouths) …double faced person. …….. 30) Cheenti ke parr nikla( ant growing wings)..
A subdued person getting smarter and dictating his terms.