Carrying a secret is a real burden which can bloat one s stomach to a degree where Gasgo doesn’t work too. As a child our music teacher narrated us a story of a king who developed Horns and used to kill any barber trimming his hair for the fear of all his subjects knowing his secret….till the time Dhnandoonaath a barber swaeared by his children never to reveal the kings secret. Slowly dhandunaath s stomach swelled so much that no anta acid could work on it. SO to releave himself Dhandoonaath told a tree of the forest of Horns on Kings head….incidentally he felt as light as a feather after disclosing the secret to the tree. After almost a week the bark of the tree was chopped by a wood cutter to make it into a big drum or nagaara used for announcements in the kingdom….as the drums man played the drum ,the Dhol started speaking…..” Dhandoonaath ne kaha Raja ke sir pe seeengh hei ” and a secret became the whole kingdoms gossip! We all have certain grey areas of life which are very precious to us ,which we dont want to share with closest of our friends. The ceiling fan comes as the best Pal at such times , some of the secrets my ceiling fan whom i kept looking at and talking to in my lazy solitudes were…….1)when i had been scolded by mam and dint want to tell it to parents .2 ) when i had secretly eaten grand father s ladoos and shaped them into similar design 3 ) when i secretly told self made stories to go to the moon or to be with my isht Hanumanji 4) When i secretly bought beloved fruit and nut dairy milk choclate5)The first proposal 6 ) The fantancy of singing and dancing with bolywood celebrities 7) The fear of Charles sobhraj hiding in our house when he ran from prison 8 ) When i felt left out or unwanted at a social gathering 9,) when i ate Vitamin C with a freind….i mean Vitamin chuglee of one freind to another.10) when i couldn’t leak mom s secret conversations overheard by me with maasi to my dad. 11)When i hid all sagan money given by relatives on diwali or annual visit for a secret designer dress purchase 12) when i rewised maths theorems and history dates just a day before exam13) when i jumped red light and never got caught 14) when i secretly heard neighbour uncles talks on black and white money! 15) when i secretly touched the snake skin at national history museum. Did either of us too confide in the humble ceiling fan ? Was it a crying partner to any of us or a loving companion in darkest of our lives? Do comment and lets spill out our secrets.

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