Residing in Delhi and that to Punjabi neighborhood
Samosa was a staple Tea time snack .Deep fried with crunchy crust and soft ,spicy potatoes with exquisite flavour of whole dhaniya was a must present in parties and a token of gift when visiting any relative un invited without notice! A Samosa was always the cheapest and tastiest dish in school and college canteen ,served with meetheee imli( tamarind) chutney and at restaurants accompanied by white chhole! If too hungry and lady of the house tired or in no cooking mode then samosa with Sauce in between two white bread pieces is a great solution! Delhi has a Samosa hub with 35 varieties of samosaas from Pizza samosa to chilli paneer samosa as well Stylishly designed Gobhi samosa and the sweet choclate or Jam samosa! As soon as the rainy weather and cool breeze starts on which ever part of Delhi road am i , I make it a point to increase sales of the local Samosa waala thela uncle ! Even 5 star hotels can boast of serving big keema ,chicken or paneer filled Love triangles which can challenge any dieters commitment! The tikki and golgappa vendors sell Samosa wraps or bun samosa or even Samosa chaat! Reading my post did any one s mouth water? Remember Swamiji said …no lies.

So comment friends..
Kis ke mooh mei paani aaya aur kaun agle 2 din mei samosa khaega?