I do not really know what plans God has for me, that everytime I come across a situation that can prove fatal for me, that very moment, he somehow pulls me back. This makes me think about the purpose of my life. Am I being chosen by him for any important mission? I have no idea though. I don’t even think am that smart enough to figure it out. May be time may reveal.

It once happened that I had to stay at my aunt’s place, over night. Next morning as usual while it was time for shower, I asked her how could I get hot water for the shower since I wasn’t aware of the source of hot water at their house, unlike here at my home(back in the city) we had solar water heaters. We specifically did not choose for electric geyzers/coils, because we somehow felt that wasn’t safe, so we didn’t prefer them, just to avoid any electrical hazards. Given that we all at home were absent minded professors sometime or other and we feared about any such accidents as result of our absentmindedness..

But now here at my aunt’s home, I was directed to the steel container, that had electric coil fitted at the bottom of the container and its wire was plugged in to the switch board. I just peeped in to the bathroom to find the steel container and asked her if the hot water was ready for the shower.. She said it would be ready in sometime…

I waited for few mins and then walked up to the bathroom and asked her again, if I could take a shower now…I do not know what was running in my mind then, that before she could turn back to answer my question, (since she was busy in the kitchen) I opened the lid of the steel vessel and put my hand in to the water!!!

When she turned towards me, she stood frozen for a moment!! No sooner she gathered her senses the first thing she did was, she looked at the switch board and then looked at me.. Shocked!! How on earth am I still fine, standing there looking at her!! The switch button was ON! But lo! there was a power cut in the area, right at the moment!Or may be just few moments before I put my hand in the water having the electric coil!!

She took a sigh of relief and said,”Thank God” .. She then said, “you are saved at the right moment,else I just cannot imagine the disaster that could have taken place now, had there been the power”.

She further continued to say, “You were not supposed to lift the lid of the vessel to check for hot water, but should have turned on the tap, that was attached to the vessel below, to let the water flow through the outlet in to the bucket”.

I think she by then got to know that I was an absent minded professor and that I cannot be trusted while handling such dangerous appliances.

The incident just left me thinking, as to the ways of the Divine is unpredictable.. I have always realised that an unknown supreme power is always watching over me and have always saved me from any untoward incidences..

I just cannot thank him enough. I definitely do not deserve such unconditional love and care from him, because I have never been that devoted to him, nor have I done any such deeds to please him. Yet he never failed to rescue me.

Thank you God, for always being there for me..