||Shri Radheshyam||
hello family i hope you all are healthy and well

Today I am going to share an experience of my college admission with you.

The thing is like this, I did my graduation from BA Geography this year and I said I thought of doing Bachelor of Low LLB for which I had to apply in the first round in the first week of August but the time towards home, the financial situation is fine. Due to not being there and due to my coaching children’s fees not coming on time, I could not apply in the first round and the time for the first round was out, after some time the second round came and I did the second round by arranging the money. Registered for admission in my college and choice filling in my college in which I did BA Geography from MLB College of Excellence Gwalior and another college Madhav Law College which filled a semi government college but unfortunately in second round my MLB College of Excellence in The name did not come because the list was very high, I was allotted Madhav College but due to its high fees, I did not want to take admission in it, I wanted Government College MLB only because I was an alumnus there and his fees were also less. according to my financial condition I could fill

Let me tell you about my college MLB of Excellence, it is a prestigious government college of Gwalior in which our former Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji also studied.

The percentage of my BA Geography graduation was 64.93, in which I scored 69% in the first year and due to the corona period, all the exams were not conducted in the second year, all were promoted, then once again in the third year there were no exams and the first Comparison college of year second year automatically gave me 64.93 percent which was less as per my qualification
Well I checked the list for LLB after reaching my college in the second round, then my name did not come, I went to talk to the HOD madam sadly, madam said the list is 67+ in the second round in the first round it becomes yours madam said in CLC I will come to apply then I applied for CLC (college level counselling) round by going online and applying once again this time there was a ray of hope in my mind that my name will definitely come HOD madam also spoke and many people Was saying that the list was to come on October 25, 2021, I waited, the list came, then unfortunately my name did not come and I became depressed again, at that time my migraine pain started again, I was disappointed and reached college again the next day HOD Talking to madam, madam said son this time the list went high, then I was sad and I went to my college’s computer lab to talk about CLC round admission, they told that on October 25, the people who have been admitted are 26 If the fees are not paid by 12:00 noon on October, then their names will be removed from the list. I came to the people who are behind till the CLC round, why will they not pay the fees, yet I returned home after finding the online website to check the list and I checked the list once again on October 26 at 12:30, my name did not come I started getting very sad and desperate because my 1 year would have been wasted, I was not feeling like doing any work, then the next day on October 27, in the afternoon again I checked the list, this time also my name was not there, now sadness is on me. The mountain was breaking, I also started getting troubled by the pain of my migraine and came home and went to sleep, I was neither hungry nor thirsty, then I checked the list again the next day on October 28 in the afternoon and my name still did not come Sadness had reached my climax. Why is the year happening, I left my house at 11:00 and started going through a deserted road, there was some place to sit on the way, I was there. I went and sat down and suddenly my sadness and sadness started flowing from my eyes, my tears started flowing from there, sadly, I started walking a little crying and slowly talking to my Kishori ji Radha Rani crying in my heart, I reprimanded Giving it, he said that Kishori ji, we are going to live at your feet, do your devotees have the support of luck or your lotus feet and I said I do not know my fate but I know you, you should be ashamed of your devotee. I will have to say this while wiping tears while weeping, a line which is spoken in our Braj Dham Vrindavan, I am repeating it by making some amendments and wiping the tears while crying…..that is

“तेरो ही आसरो‌ एक मलूक नहीं कोऊ दूजो जसी है ऐहो किशोरी पुकार कहूं जामें मेई हंसी नाय तेई हंसी है”

Reached his college and went straight to the computer department lab department and this time got him to check whether my name has appeared in the list, he asked my percentage and he said that though your name may not have come today, the percentage is 80+, yet I I had full faith in his grace at the lotus feet of my kishori ji, he checked my name and my name came in the list, it was a surprise that even after being so high, my name was not my happiness Came home happy, said Radha Rani ki Jai Maharani ki Jai Ho on the whole way, told everyone in the house with great joy, everyone was happy

Surprisingly, the next day also happened the college used to cut off my name for not paying the fees till 12:00 noon, but my name kept appearing in the list for two consecutive days and I got time to pay the fees for 2 days but I already paid the fees on time. was given
But seeing the grace of Kishori ji, the eyes filled with tears, how kind, kind our Radharani is…

This was another special experience of my life, with the grace of Kishori ji, such miracles have happened to me even more.