This is a basic mantra which I follow in life and in general – WHEN IN DOUBT – DON’T!

What it basically means is that whenever you are about to do anything in life, make a decision – big or small if it does not feel 100% right or something that you want to do or commit to but you just aren’t feeling it you are better off not doing it.

Just try it once and see for yourself. This has absolute life-changing potential!

The basis for this advice is the power of intuition which is innate within all of us. Intuition is that ‘little voice within’ which guides us in small ways which if we start listening to has big payoffs. It is the ‘gut feeling’ which you get (a sort of ‘knowing’) when something is just not right or something that needs attention. Trust it more in life and see the magic happen.

You know the best part – science proves this too; intuition is a real phenomenon that exists on a subconscious plane of our minds and is too fast for us to even acknowledge consciously. It’s just there, super-fast, snappy, and ready for us whenever we need it. We just don’t listen to it often, and worst, ignore it completely sometimes only to realize later and say – “I knew this was not right”, “there was something fishy about this”, this was just too good to be true or a million other negative things we say when it goes kaput. Our intuition was guiding us all along but we weren’t listening or we didn’t know-how. This has got to change.

Below are 3 super easy ways to tap into this superpower – INTUITION.

1. Shhhh, Get Silent: This one is easy. Just sit in silence every day for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. See what thoughts enter your mind. Let them flow; do not obsess over them, hold them, wrangle with them, just let them be. Do not confuse this with meditation, no special breathing required, no music, no app, nothing, just sit in peace. See what happens!

2. Journal: Pen down your thoughts daily; multiple times in a day is even better. It is easier for us to articulate something when we write about it. Writing it down just gives it a sense of clarity which your chatterbox mind can never give you.

3. Feel the Vibe: I know this sounds like mumbo-jumbo but if you really think about it everything (people, situations, our surroundings, etc.) evokes an emotion, a feeling in us. That feeling is bang-on most of the time. Do you get a certain vibe about a person, a specific situation that you are dealing with, or just the general vibe of your day? Start acknowledging these vibes. This is nothing but the energy which you can feel about practically everything. You just got to pay more attention to it.

Try doing these simple things, start listening to your ‘little inner voice’ – your intuition and I promise you life will never be the same.

And most importantly – WHEN IN DOUBT – DON’T!

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