Every childhood has innocent memories and when I look back, I am no exception. I still remember many instances of my innocence and the innocent questions asked which had no real answers.

          I was in UKG and there was a puppet show in our school. The teachers asked every student to bring Rs.1 as a ticket to the show. I took Rs. 2 note with me. When the teacher started collecting the money, every student gave coin of Rs.1 but I gave Rs.2 note. The teacher returned Rs.1 coin to me but I was not satisfied parting away with Rs.2 note.

I felt being cheated because every other student gave Rs.1 but I gave Rs.2. I couldn’t comprehend this thing irrespective of the fact that the teacher had already returned Rs.1 coin to me. The puppet show started. Everybody else enjoyed it expect me. Perhaps my desperation was looming large on my face when my teacher asked why I was sad in spite of a very good puppet show. 

I told her about my dilemma and she tried to make me understand the simple mathematics but I kept strong on my view that “MERE TE DO GAYE NA!!!!!