Jai Shri Hari 🙏
I offer my humble obeisance to the almighty and reverent Swamiji…

Today is Roopchaudas .. A beautiful blessed day in our lives. I’ve had a role transformation in my self after Swamiji blossomed in my life with his teachings, his simple words and his wisdom.

However, many a times even today I feel helpless, at a crossroads.

 Today, my parents visited my place to greet us and bless us. I’m married and stay in a joint family. Something happened which hurt me. It was about their sarcastic behaviour towards my parents. Out of respect and love for me, as always they didn’t utter a word.. 
I was annoyed with myself. Why? 
Because, I couldn’t take a stand. As if someone had tongue tied me, whispered in my ears “let it pass”. I felt at a crossroads because I had two opinions. First, if I say anything in haste and anger, it would obviously be bitter. The consequence of which would be that these feelings remain in me for long Second, I should be calm in maintaining my sanity. But in doing so I take my parents and brother for granted that since years they know my in laws, how they are, their taunts and sarcasms and are trying to be composed. 
I later apologised to my mum. She’s my goddess. She soothed me with her quaint calm voice, saying all is well…. 

Why are people are like this?? Disrespectful,non empathetic and so shallow….. Why such kinds have to deal with their opposites …??…

Really,it’s an irony. The old me,would’ve cried, had an argument with my husband and spoiled the moments. After Swamiji’s presence in my life,I’ve become numb and mindful. 
Still I think, did I do injustice to my family ?????

Jai Shri Hari