This year I am participating in Inktober 2020 which is world wide event for artists. Everyday you get a word to draw something.

It was 4th day of the event and word I got was radio. When I saw the word radio, it immediately reminded me of Sunday evenings with my grandparents.

My grandpa (I called him daddy) had a huge black box radio which he absolutely adored. I remember him refusing our repeated offers to buy him the latest radio. He loved listening to Ameen Sayani on All India Radio. I know most of the old hindi songs courtesy my grandpa. Me and my grandma used to join him for tea and biscuits while he would be engrossed in reading the newspaper and occasionally humming the song 😊

My grandma was a great story teller and she always had a story or two to share about her childhood. At times, she would hear the song and voila! she had a story to share along with giggles ❤️

Life was simple back then. Weekends were about eating our fav breakfast and lunch, watching a movie with family members, enjoying evenings together, watering plants, having a quiet dinner and hitting the bed by 10 pm. The weekends were full of conversations, laughs, occasional arguments, good food, joy, and warmth.

Life now is stressful although most of these stresses and complexities are self made. I miss those simple times. I miss how we knew to enjoy the present moment and not dwell in the worry of future and the past. I am trying to simplify my life, to start with – I try not to overthink, I am trying to enjoy home cooked meals, I am trying to spend more time with my family…I am trying.

The days I fail, I listen to old hindi songs and think of old happy memories when life was simple.