In Punjabi there is a saying..Paaao jag pondaaa khaao mann pondaa! Wear what people like but eat what your mind likes! So as a young bride living in a nuclear family ,I often use to really pity some of my friends who used to with cry cry face ask their mother in laws what to cook ?and Mother in law being the Kitchen controller, director and financer never wanted to part away with her autocratic and feudal desicion making of what, at what time ,in what style and with how much spice in what consistency and to be served in which plate too! lot of times daughter in laws hide food they order from outside or say their mom sent it ,its so sad that for petty things like throwing away half rotren potato or tomatoe hiding under dustbin other packs so that the mother in law doesn’t see it and make a fuss of wastage prone daughter in law! I have seen super specialized Dentist daughter in laws earning handsomly too made to feel guilty for eating dinners out or ordering subway for their kids regularly aswelll in any get together women trying to reach home at a particular lunch time so that she can serve the inlaws with her hands or face glum faces of inlaws! We r a 21st century generation using sooper smart phones ,driving ,speaking english ,traveling world but when it comes to Relationship struggles we r as vulnerable as 18 century suppressed women who each time has to prove her loyalty ,intentions and seva bhaav! Serving family is no less than a tappas ! As Swamiji says vairagya is much tough than giving up on something, so breaking relationship is easier thinking they dont match our thinking than staying with them willfully and moulding yourself according to their preferences! Thats the biggest ego killer and spiritual test too that weather our mind still chatters! Do you do the things u dont want to without mind chattering and smiling from inside? Does your mouth still complain and feel exploited about things u r doing without your wish?