।। नाट्यकर्ता नटपरो महानाट्यविशारादः ।।

The one who does dance, who is best dancer, who is expert at doing the great cosmic dance. (Shiv shasranama under shiv rahasya)

In this post, I am sharing an experience that filled me with immense faith. Please don’t share it with non-believer.

I was in class 11th (2018). During that year I had started regular practice of pranyama and little meditation. I used to do it in evening time for about 1 hour. One of my daily practices included suryabheda pranayama. One day, as I was holding my breath in suryabheda pranayama, with my focus on brow center, I saw him dancing !

There was nothing. Mahakaal emerged from nowhere. I didn’t see his clear physical form. It was a completely dark shadow. He began dancing. So gracefully, so beautifully, so energetic, so enthusiastic, so exuberant, so mesmerising !!! ( Add some more words if you know 😀) I don’t remember any exact steps. I have never seen so beautiful, so perfect dance in my life.

Personally, I never liked dance. Although I dance a little sometimes for Shiva as he is “नाट्य प्रिय”, one who loves dance. It is very childish, so I never dance in front of this world.

Coming back to this post, he danced for even less than a minute. But, it made me extremely blissful. So, I tried to see that dance again by doing one more round of breathhold in same way, but I have never ever seen him dance again. Which means it was not my imagination 😀! That one incident increased my faith in him and I was more attracted towards him. Was it dance of creation or dance of destruction? I don’t know. But I was mesmerized. Glories to Nataraj, the lord of dance !!! No one can match him in dance !!!

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