In one of my posts here, I had written about the impending meeting between the seeker and the Sought. I had written and believed that the seeker and the Sought were just a miracle away. And the miracle actually happened. As the luck was having it in stores for me, I got a chance to visit Sri Badrika Ashram few days back. It was the call of the divine and my visit and my meeting with revered Om Swami was already planned by the universe.

I reached ashram in the evening and the discourse was going on inside the Temple and the door of the temple was closed. I stood outside and had first glimple of Om Swami from the window. It was mesmerizing. It was like I know him for ages. After the discourse, I went inside the Temple and took part in the Sri Hari Aarti. The tears of joy rolled out. 

In the morning, I met my master but in no time, the meeting was over. My cup was still empty. I was expecting miracle but there was none. I came out dejected. I questioned the universe. But lo and behold, the miracle was already on its way. Sensing my disappointment and to let this miracle happen, he again graced me with his divine presence. On meeting him again, I poured my heart out. He listened to me patiently. It was overwhelming which can not be put in words. My face was drenched with the tears of joy and rejoice. The miracle was already happening.  He blessed me and told me something which I always wanted to hear.

I came out with my cup full. My quest and search was over.


This post is dedicated to Revered Om Swami Ji on his birthday with all my gratitude. Thank you so much Swami Ji for the Miracle!

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday