In my last post I shared how we planned for our visit and what lesson I learn before visiting Sri Vrindavan. Now, let me share with you a Leela of Sri Ji. On 29th of May I got a message from my Guru Bhai who’s walking on his path towards renunciation that there will be a big Utsav at Baad Graam (20km from Mathura a holy place and most divine place in our lineage) on 31st of May and Guru Maharaj will be there all the time and arrangements of Prasadam for devotees will be there.

I was surprised this is exactly the same date when I’m coming to Sri Vrindavan Dham. Generally I avoid to visit Sri Dham during festival seasons because during festival time you can see a lot of crowd but there is always a guilt of missing these festivals and the time I chose to visit was just a normal time with no festivals falling in between. She knows everything. I was so happy and I changed our plan and before going to Vrindavan we directly boarded on a Rikshaw towards Baad Gram where Guru Maharaj Ji along with his Sanyasi disciples was doing Sri Ji’s seva.

This is a holy place and it is believed that this the place where our Acharya Hita Harivansh Mahaprabhu was born in 1509 A.C.E. Anyway I’m not the right person to say anything about Mahaprabhu Ji. Like other Acharayas after completing his Leela Mahaprabhu Ji left his body at an age of 43. I was going to visit this holy place, from where our lineage started in Kaliyuga, for the very first time.Β 

When she calls you. Part 2 2

This was the entrance gate, few tears rolled down from these impure eyes. As soon a we reached the holy place I forgot about anyone else and I rushed towards the temple and I took off my shoes and I had Guru Maharaj Ji’s Darshana after 15 months. The time I entered the holy place Guru Maharaj Ji was doing Sri Ji’s aarti and the he did Kirtana. I was crying how much Sri Ji loves her devotees. She called me to her abode and she is giving me such beautiful rare darshana at such holy place.

After attending Kirtana for two and half hours we were ready to get our Prasadam. We all had Rajbhog prasadam of Sri Ji.When she calls you. Part 2 3

I told you all in one of my post how Maa takes care of her child and this time again she fed me with her delicious prasadam.

After spending one prahar over there we left towards Sri Vrindavan Dham. There were some Leela with one devotee of our group. She lost her 3K newly purchased shoe and we didn’t get any vehicle to go to Sri Vrindavan Dham but somehow we reached Sri Vrindavan and we booked rooms in Ashram and we rested there for sometime. Other Devotees were exhausted so they took rest for sometime but as I told you I was visiting Sri Dham after 15 months so I was like this, “I have to utilize my time.” I had a bath and I put my Dhoti Kurta and I was ready to go out to have my Isht’s Darshan. The place where all Rasiks (Siddhas) of my lineage went and sung the glories of Sri Ji Maharaj. She blessed me with her Darshana after 15 months. Legends says that this Vigraha was given by Mahadeva himself to the family of Aatmdev Brahman after there penance.Β 

When she calls you. Part 2 4 When she calls you. Part 2 5 When she calls you. Part 2 6 When she calls you. Part 2 7 When she calls you. Part 2 8

After having her darshana I headed towards Dada Guru Ji’s Kutiya.

When she calls you. Part 2 9

Dada Guru Ji’s Kutiya.

In the evening I joined my group and we went to Prem Mandir and after visiting that temple we came back to Ashram and that was our first day at Sri Dham.

Next day I had Guru Maharaj Ji’s darshan and he blessed me with a group meeting and I talked to him after such a long time.

Till then Wait for the next post…..



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