And shiva smiled…..met dadi,had a cup of tea and small chat with her… whatever she needed was provided to her…also showed her to one of my friend who is an orthopedic doctor and he said now there is no point in treating her it’s too late and her body is not healthy at all to go for surgeries at all…but I told her not  to worry whatever she ll need will be given to her..”she said smilingly  that now I have no worries you are with me  what more I need,” I told her bholenath is with you… dont worry…

And at last I dont want to mention the name but when I posted about dadi.I got few messages from our black Lotus family people who wanted to help dadi in someway or the other it bought tear to my eyes….by seeing these kind gestures…it melts my heart to see the compassion….and meeting these beautiful souls…. thankful to Swamiji and black lotus family for being so kind and compassionate. With your support it became little easier for me to help means a lot 🙏..  may divine grace always be with everyone love and light 🤗💫🙏❤️…When "shiva" smiled.... ❤️ 2

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