When the crickets sing 1It’s nearly 1:00 am and the time seems right to lay my hands on the keyboard and see what tumbles onto the screen. I thought I might introduce myself, but I suspect anyone really wanting to know, will see me in my words soon enough. I love words. It’s time to dust off the cob webs in my brain and allow the thoughts to wander freely across my screen. Incidentally, but not by accident, I was introduced to and encouraged to become a contributing member of this site by another member and online friend; another lover of words, Ravi Gulati. I suspect my gratitude will grow by the day, as I return to my practice of wordplay and the magic that exists in sharing one’s passion. 

So, gentle human, you will often find me entertaining myself in the wee hours, tapping out sometimes magnificent, sometimes mundane observations. I can be productive, but more often, my creativity spikes in the wee hours. I don’t know if it’s the stillness of the night, the sound of nature, the moon… But my mind shifts into a game of mindfulness and meditation when the crickets and frogs begin to sing. It’s lovely and healing. It’s almost as if, once the crickets begin to sing, I’m being invited to return to my grounding place and remember that the magic is in the journey. I often encourage others to meditate, not by clearing their minds, but by allowing their minds to wander. I encourage them to allow their minds to  move freely on the waves of imagination and hope, seeing themselves and their lives as they really are; loved, perfect manifestations of Spirit; Spiritual beings participating in the human experience. Where your mind goes when you allow it to play, is where you will find your treasure. It’s also when Spirit can speak to you. When we’re still, and open, the messages, answers and divine inspirations that are ours for the taking become tangible. 

In the wee hours…

When the crickets sing