• Since my grandparents were a working couple even in 1940s and had wisely planned 2 kids at that time too so the only close relative I could say was my Father s first cousin since my Bua was out of station too and with no mobile phones ,watts app and extremely expensive out of station calls we just met annually.  So my Father s first cousin or my Chacha was no less than a Father figure for me! He used to get me 🍫, Gems and take me to my school fate or restaurant when both my parents were at work and our house help had not turned up that day! He used to pick me from bus stop and feed me the pranthas my mom had cooked for me before leaving for her work! He was an ideal hero for little me so handsome, loving ,sweet natured and cute! My Chachoo was 13 years elder to me so I was in class 10 when he got married to a brilliant and mature girl who matched his physical personality! Since I was so fond of my Chacha I became the best freind ( bachaa freind) of my Chachee too ,I use to visit then regularly for lunches and suppers on my Chachoo s weekly off. My chachoo was a hotelier and so his work hours were very demanding and irratic!Once while traveling in a Dtc bus I saw a pillion rider colleague of my Chachoo tightly holding him on his motorcycle. Since my mom was with me in bus I showed her but either she dint want me to be exposed at 13 years of age to disloyalty or she wanted to be blind to adultery, she said no no its not him.I was sure it’s him ,how could I not recognize someone whom I loved so dearly but she kept denying and at one point I kept quiet( kids understand what parents brush under carpet) , My chachoo was a very centimental and Sweet man ,very caring and compassionate for most around him. So all his colleagues specifically women colleagues were his fan and often visited his house to gift his daughter big Dolls and join him and his wife and daughter for their b day and anniversary lunches regularly. Since my Chachi was a friendly and smart woman she too started free lancing some conferences in my chachoo s hotel and made friends with his women colleague too.Life seemed so pleasant for them ( atleast my childish brain felt so). They often used to go to hill stations for holidays ,restaurants weekly for lavish feasts and always celebrate their anniversaries and b.days  and my Chachoo bought most expensive dresses and sarees for his wife and daughter and always kept home environment light by singing songs, joking, telling stories! I had grown from a child to a young lady of 20 when one day in our alone and emotional moments my Chaachi confided in me that my Chaachoo was having an affair with an unmarried colleague and how other co workers who also knew my  Chachee due to her work in hotel use to bitch about my Chacha and the unmarried lady to her! Infact we all knew that Unmarried colleague, she was always a part of celebrations at my Chachoo s house and she had become a very close friend of my Chaachi ,she was very attractive and brilliant in her work ethics aswell lived as a spinster with her 3 unmarried sister and mother whom my Chachi occasionally visited to give Diwali gifts etc! When I asked her to confront my Chachoo she said she dint have the guts to leave him and the house because even if he admitted and she proves his disloyalty, she had lost her parents, had no independent house aswell her earnings were not enough to support her and her daughter aswell if she lived as a divorcee or single mother or even remarried how would other men eye her daughter aswell my Chachoo was not misbehaving with the family in any way and giving all the time aswell all his salary for the family! I was at loss of words ,I was my self too immature to advise what should she do! The man whom I loved almost like my Father and who equally loved me was a cheat to such a hardworking, honest and sincere woman!!!!

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