Don’t let pain become your Suffering as Swamiji again and again emphasizes.On 6th February, Sunday around 11am ,my mom was all fresh and dressed up for an online Gosho meeting of her Buddhism group. Since she has undergone surgeries as uterus removal, gall bladder removal ,hernia ,and orthoscopy ,aswell is 70 plus, usual old age problems and over weight, she is usually constantly experiencing leg and lower back tail bone pain even after regular physiotherapy for which she uses hot rubber water bottle.  I was on the upper floor asking my inlaws lunch menu for afternoon when my son screamed from down floor of our douple, mummy nani is calling u! I just went casually with not much hurrying thinking it’s a regular call maybe to ask some regular stuff like have you seen my chaleesaaa book? My mom has been a very strong will powered and hard working woman with love for books ,news papers and general reading  helping me in house chores as daily making a vegetable or daal.As I went inside her room she was in pain  of scalding skin,her garam paanee ki thailee had burst open with boiling water in it. We rushed her to Safderjung burn ward after ourselves putting cold water on her burn for 10 minutes .There she was given a dressing after 15 minutes. She was instructed not to sit, lie down straight or move! I talked to couple of Doctors,they were extremely compassionate and helpful but being out of station could only suggest us online. One of them said see if H.o.d burn wards Aiims can be approached in any way then  u  ll be in safe hands. We had no way any one could help us with that accept Swamiji. Sometimes I think how much  pressure we put on Swamiji and if Sometimes some work is not done according to our wish does Swamiji fail? Or has he stopped caring for us. At night of injury my mom s dressing came out and again my daughter and I rushed her to burn emergency Safderjung, the doctor made us wait 2 hours and remarked to us is it  a party ?,u have come twice? We needed the services and tallerated.We look fairly educated and financially from a sound background still if we have to hear such unkind remarks think about poor and illiterate! Anyways I felt Doctors are also toiling in inhumane conditions of 48 hours duty with the lower staff troubling them making them insensitive. Next day I asked ashram ki mitti and blew on it to make my mom s pain less. As if miraculously in evening an ex staffer of my husband rang our house bell after 12 years of leaving his part time Job ,just coming casually to meet my husband. As my husband was asleep I talked to him about his kids and where was he working and general pleasantries even mentioning my mom s burn! Lo and behold,He said the H.o.d aiims is his friend and immideately took out his Mobile to ask if he could send us for dressing there! Look at grace that within 15 minutes we were at burn ward as v.i.p patients being given Indian s best dressing by best brains! We were called 3 days later,but being back side area and difficulty in using washroom we had to re visit the hospital next day too.As if Divine himself came to do dressing this time and guess what his name was AMITESHWAR!He said I love to heal wounds of others and lovingly did a very nice dressing. This continued around 8 days and the healing  was 5 times faster than normal.My mom is still recovering but no dressing required now! We were extremely blessed she was courageous to walk each time to hospital on her own,eat herself, change herself and never create a ruckus of crying ( eating Dolo pain killer 3 times a day as recommended by doctor) .One more thanks to Divine was that my mother inlaw who was unable to feed herself 2 days before my mom’s burn accident due to a spinal injury got an attendant just 1 day before the burn accident, so my responsibility with her were much less.Also the timing of accident was grace only,…I was not at ashram ,I was no far away ,my car was functional with petrol! Also my daughter who is in her youth and not as expressive showed extra care and sensitivity and made her Nani feel cared for .Thank you my loving Brother Hanumanji to make us sail through these challenging times so smoothly.  The blog will be incomplete without thanking Dr Monika,Dr Niveta ,Dr Alok and my Akshay brother.…you are my strength. 

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