When the Divine decides, “Now is the time for you to go to Liberation,” He’ll be pricking from all sides. If you sit down He will prick; if you stand up He will prick; if you lie down He will prick; He’ll be pulling you up from all sides.

Probably the Ocean is unable to appreciate its Self. Only a droplet that comes out of the Ocean, when it tries to see towards the Ocean, is able to appreciate the mighty Ocean, vastness, the greatness of the Ocean. However, this inability to appreciate shall not be considered as a shortcoming or a disability or such thing, it could be simply blissful unawareness. In the same way the Divinity that is All-Pervaded is perhaps blissfully unaware of Its own greatness, and the spark comes out which we call the ‘individual soul consciousness’ and when it goes towards God, the Divinity, that will be able to appreciate the Divinity that is All-Pervading, Supremely Peaceful. Probably that is why this creation keeps happening, the illusion keeps happening, all the troubles keep happening. So then you are able to appreciate the peace and happiness and the Divinity, that’s the purest form.Finally, tired of this world, then you would like to give up and go back to the Divinity. Then the Divine is happy perhaps.

Either knowingly or unknowingly the mind is looking for an everlasting peace and happiness. So that is what the Divine is. The Divine’s very nature is peace and happiness and also it is looking for a secure existence to overcome all sorts of sufferings, pains, everything. Suppose even when you see the world suffering also, when it is so painful,  “Why should all these be suffering, suffering unnecessarily?” so that is the only answer – the Divinity, because that is the only reality of existence. That is where we can find the solution.

In all other ways people have tried to find solution. See, since time immemorial great sages have come, Saints have come, Yogis have come; all have come and tried to teach humanity to live peacefully, to live harmoniously, to consider about each other, not to do injustice. All these type of things they have tried to teach. But hardly humanity has learned. They have always been behaving according to their own temperament. People have not been able to change themselves in spite of these teachings. So this is also one of the symptoms, and when the suffering happens, when you feel that, it’s a sort of detachment and depression also.

So you are unhappy and dejected, so that is also a symptom of a push towards the Divinity. Means at that time you should not allow your mind’s thoughts to die down from trying to find a permanent solution. That should always be the thinking: “There must be some solution, what is it? There must be some existence where one can be relieved of all these pains.” Even great Saints like Buddha, all these people thought the same way. When they saw the suffering and pain of this world, only it induced them to go towards the Divinity.

wisdom of my master ( BABAJI)