Today I am going to share one story with my family

There was one small village.This story is about one three generation family.They used to live happily.Sarwan Singh was the head of the family.He had two sons,Satnam and Harpal.Harpal was eldest and was the permanent resident of America.Actually he went there when he was in his twenties and married there.Satnam used to live in the village with his parents.Satnam had two children Punit,his daughter and Jaspreet,his son.

Satnam used to love his both children.It was a beautiful family.As the days passed,Punit finished her schooling.She was mature now.She fell in love with Harman,her neighbour whose home was just opposite to Punit ‘s home.The love flourished.Nobody in the family knew about their love affair.

Punit was sent to town as she had to pursue her dream of fashion designing.She used to live in PG.Now Harman and Punit used to meet freely in the town without any restrictions.Their love blossomed.Now they both wanted to marry.They could not tell their parents because they knew that parents would never accept their relationship.

Punit finished with her designing course and she came back in her village.Now Punit and Harman used to talk on phone.They decided to run away from the home and marry.They needed somebody who could help.Punit took help of her Bua (her father’s sister) and her cousin,Mahek.Mahek helped her and her Bua also helped her (Actually Bua wanted share in her father’s property) and was already pissed off.

One fine day,Punit and Harman ran away during night.They went to one town far away from the village.

Satnam came to know of her daughter’s heinous act the next morning.He went to find her daughter.He tried to find her in nearby cities but in vain.

Punit and Harman went straight to the court and registered their marriage.Now they were married.When Satnam came to know about this,he was much agitated.He could not do anything now.Now this news spread like a wildfire in the village.People used to bitch behind their back.Satnam was ashamed of her daughter.He and his family cut all ties with Punit.

Punit and Harman returned to their village one day.They went to Harman ‘s home.Harman was their only son.So his family accepted the marriage and they used to live there.Now the married daughter of Satnam used to live just opposite to his home.He was much ashamed.He could not face the village.He decided to leave the village.

Harpal sent the visa of America for Satnam ‘s family and they left the village for America.Satnam’s family became permanent residents of America.

Now parents of Satnam and Harpal were left alone in the village.They were already old.They did not want to go to America.They wanted to stay in the village.The family was completed shattered now.They broke all the relations with Punit’s Bua.

Punit had no contact with her family now.

To be continued…..

(P.S – It’s a real story that I witnessed amongst my one of the relatives)

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