When the Universe Conspires

I was in my final year in 2002. In February, 2002, there was National Youth Festival and teams from all over India have come to our university for participation. One team also came from Bhopal. There was one girl in the Bhopal team and I felt deeply drawn towards her. In no time, we became good friends for reasons best known to the universe. Their team stayed for 5 days and then left for Bhopal. Though we became good friends by then but we didn’t share our phone numbers again for some reasons known to the universe.

After the parting, I started feeling strong connection with her and desired to meet her. My poetic side also bloomed a bit. However going to Bhopal didn’t appear to be a option that time like I was waiting for some miracle. 

Couple of years passed and meanwhile I persued my interest in urdu poetry. I wrote some Ghazals and Nazms. 

It was mid of year 2005. During those days, yahoo messenger was very popular among the youngsters and one day I also logged into it and started talking with random people. I came across one person who claimed to be from Bhopal. My heart started feeling something strange and I opened up with that person about her without mentioning her name till now.

” What’s her name”, came one question.

Reluctantly I wrote her first name. However when I saw the reply containing her full name, my heart bounced a bit.

“Yes Yes!!!!! But how it’s possible. Do you know her”?


“Can I have her contact number?”

“Do you really want it”?

“Yes please”

After this conversation, that person grilled me a bit to assess my genuineness and then finally gave me the number. I thanked and logged out. Not sure, what just happened, I immediately called that number. It was perhaps her mother who picked up the phone and when I asked about her, she gave the phone to her. When I introduced myself over the phone, she sounded happy and excited but soon became skeptical and asked how did I get her number. When I told her about what just happened on the internet platform, she wasn’t ready to accept it and perhaps she still doesn’t believe it. I felt like universe has conspired to resume our  connection but she told me that she was going to marry her love of life soon. I told her about my feelings but it was too late. I wished her good luck and happy life….

I still don’t know who was that person who gave me her number and don’t understand why the universe conspired to provide me her number in the strangest way to resume and cut down the strings at the same time…….

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