Being away from home, giving up a social life and being content with the self aren’t the only attributes of a monk. It is as much important for him to have divine knowledge and wisdom. These qualities were present in Swami Vivekananda in large quantities.

There are many incidents in his life where he showcased his wisdom. One such instance happened in 1891 when Vivekananda met the Maharaja of Alwar, Mangal Singh. While having a chat with him on various issues, the Maharaja spoke about his dislike for idol worship. He said that it is foolish to worship an idol made of clay or stone and consider it to be your god.

The Maharaja asked Vivekananda about his take on the same. Vivekananda decided to give him a practical example. He saw a picture hanging on the wall and asked the Maharaja who that person is. He said that this is the picture of his later father, who was the earlier Maharaja.

Vivekananda asked Maharaja’s servant to remove the picture from the wall as he wants to have a look at it. The servant did so. Vivekananda took the picture and asked the servant to spit on it. The servant was aghast while the Maharaja was shocked and angry. He fumingly asked Vivekananda how can he even think of such a thing.

Vivekananda said that this is just the picture of his father. It is not his actual father. So what is the harm in doing so? Vivekananda explained to the Maharaja and pointed out that just like how he sees his father in the picture, similarly, people see their god in their idols and pictures.

The Maharaja got the point and realized that it’s wrong to make fun of people who worship their respective gods through their idols. He asked Vivekananda to stay at his palace for a few days.