Well, I have always been praises for the ever new technological advancements.  With so many new inventions, world is such a different place today. Within a span of few years, our life has taken new shape.

A very big thank you to the young brains who gave us FACEBOOK.  Its all courtesy Facebook accounts that few of us from our college times, could unite after a long gap of more than 25 years.  Once married, the busy life especially of working   women,  hardly leaves space for friends who are out of touch.  Everyone keeps moving ahead in their new roles and new life styles. Its only when children are grown up that you start to think about things missing out. And then one fine day the bug bites you and you start to yearn for old friends.

I remember when I had made my Facebook account, how frantically  I had searched for all  the  names of my college friends. And how happy I used to  feel every time I happened to find someone on Facebook 🤗. Am so sure you all must have gone through the same and would  have been able to locate at least few of your past contacts.  I also could find a few. Then phone nos were exchanged and plans suggested for meeting physically.

At last, last week, five of us met, saw one another after almost 30 years. It was a moment of total awe💞💞💞. Its a feeling of another level to see someone after such a l… O…. N…. G… long time gap. Simply awful, simply heart touching…..  We were same old beings of 1984 and the gap of  more than 30 years simply vanished.  Everyone seemed same what she was way back in 1984. What an amazing thing friendship is and what an awful  feeling it is to surpass such a long time  lapse in one small moment of meeting.  Honestly, that one moment of meeting was way more powerful than the gap of 30 long years. I would encourage you to just experience it to know how it feels.


 We had gathered over lunch for one hour and left with a promise to meet again, may be for a night out together. 


Do share your some such experience in comments or as a separate post🤗.  Else, go and create one. Life would seem so fulfilling.


Jai Shri Hari 🌹 ॐ swami 🌹



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