If not for You all is lost
just as a shipwreck abandons
sailors to the sea
this distance from You, O Lord
further carries the soul
into the heart of oblivion
where even darkness is afraid
so resigned to its fate
Here your absence is acute
as if the sun has gone into hiding
on a quiet rainy day.

Oh God, why this separation
when I’m am not separate from You?
What is this tide
on which happiness and sorrow ride?
When will I know?
Maybe, one day You’ll come
riding out of the sky
a picture of perfection
a cool breeze to the heat
In this heart
You’ll make your home
a place for You and me.

Often, in my dreams, I see You
high above the clouds
where the sun shines white
And the air give me wings
in the heart of the sky
on a pristine island You live.

Oh your beauty makes me wordless
it robs me of the little I possess
for everything I hold
now sits by your feet.
Both grief and joy seem
to have abandoned me
In the absence of these two
there’s nothing left to pursue
And so, I wonder…wonder
time and again, O Lord
is your ride ready yet,
to ferry me across…