1. At 16 ,in class 11 commerce section with only 7 girls among 35 boys ,Hema my best friend was the most sort after,talk of the School girl! With dark black almonds shaped well eye liner shaped eyes ,curley hair which could make Nalson Mandela s neice doubt her roots , well polished long nails ,a pimple free flawless skin and a figure like Lady Dyna ,Hema who was from a modern family to wear School skirts 4 inches above the knees and ankle length socks was the most attractive girl of the School.She had amazing dancing and singing skills too With excellent bag and magnetic pencil box her dad bought from Dubai and she was well organized to keep her stationary and zig zag scissors stylishly in her craft teddy bear shaped bag! She had a kitty shaped tiffin and a Milton bottle! For kids of today with multinationals coming, incomes of parents increasing and Amazon delivering anything anytime these are Not a big deals but 30 years back these could make some ones heart skip a beat or heart burning in jealousy become carbon or even shake you morrally to steal such pretty and glittering things! Hema became my best friend because she found me the most not girlie Girl friend whom she could confide in and felt very secure! Most juniors, seniors and our class mates dream girl was Hema and they secretly admired her beauty, grace and style! Some wrote love letters with their blood for her ,others took compass and wrote H on their wrist ,others sorted her land line number and regularly proposed her while the notorious ones used to block our way on rickshaw on their bikes to have her glimpse! Hema was a very timid girl and used to hold me tight while someone followed us or proposed her.In lunch time at school or in zero period or after school many secret lovers of Hema treated me with Samosa and coke party or got me chocolates or even made me their rakhi sister just to make them listen to Hema s voice once! Even in school fate I was asked what time will we enter and a line of rose petals was laid in our welcome! I saved Hema from many road side Romeos with my bold and Tom boyish attitude! Today just remembered the nostalgic 16 year old stories and thought of making os.me community too smile.