Writing is a form of conscious act where in you are fully capable of decoding your energy into a voluminous set of emotions which will further affect the frequency of people around you. Here I am taking writing as an instance to make everyone understand the concept of consciousness.

Well consciousness is nothing less than a bliss in itself,once you realize what is conscious living and you are very much aware of the aspects and spheres under it,Life just becomes a play because as profoundly quoted in Shrimad Bhagwatam that it is important for a human being to have a conscious living,as quoted firmly –Renounce in the ego of individuality  and rejoice in the bliss of infinity”

Living consciously means that being aware of everything within us and around us,Being conscious of eating habits,working habits, speaking habits etc. Well as I have taken only three instances ,one must not only bound onself to this ,its important to realize the awareness of being here ,being a human.

As growing up, my mother use to tell me many stories out of one is that, we take birth as human after 84lakh yoni’s and when a  baby is in mother’s womb ,it always promises inside, to god, to give liberation from that womb(the dirtiness inside) and it will chant Hari name always after taking birth and when it is liberated in a form of birth in this world, as this materialistic land created to put us in illusion(The maya) in the form of relationships, attachments ,desires and greediness makes us forget the promise that the baby did when it was in the womb.

So,conscious living helps us to splinter the illusions around us and makes us aware that all this is just a temporary source of happiness and nothing should allow to shatter this consciousness to achieve this greater bliss which only after delusioning yourself,can be achieved.

The conscious living ,as a matter of fact is way to achieving infinite abundance in the form of light and joy. As I move forward I would like to give my illustrations which I find very informally among people around me.

I see around lot many people who are unconscious of their actions and deeds….People are unconsciously living altogether, very rare of the individuals are aware of the precepts of conscious living.

Here I am not quoting to follow any particular ritual or factual rule in life though I am completely in favour of making a living which we will help to excel in the individual’s progress or growth,it may be mental ,physical, spiritual sense of growth, though one must be purely engaged instead being atrocious in his/her living style.

Today many companies are making money in a sense of creating a so called stress management or psychology sessions or counselling and many health clinics or hospitals which are on the boom of making money. Why these all are succeeding ? Because all are perfectly aware that everybody is unaware of their living style.

One has to create a living which suits best to the needs of the body not for the greed of the body…When an individual understands the needs, things become easily approachable and the dymanics seems easy.

Now when I talk about the living style,today every person needs something as in a better future ,a better living, a better house , a better car however not a better World, Only politicians are filing the policies and how can I forget my lovely audience of India who while watching the budgets on T.V. uses abusive language and criticize the way govt. works.

Though I am completely no one to point any one’s action,I am mere flesh and bones …though my pure heart always questions that why do people complainjQuery112409496686850546765_1613066081381???????? Why they are not aware of the actions that they do to the world and to themselves and always have a judgment to be passed on other’s actions. The simple answer is that it is simple,to pass a judgement, to criticize, to complain…is very easy task then to actually get down to the depth of that work and complete it.

Conscious living can be as hard as one may take ,or as easy as one may understand. Here I have taken different words in one sentence.One has a “Take” and another has “understand” because when we don’t assume,when we don’t pass judgements ,we simply understand a fact, may be if not at that very moment however with a little extra time everything can be understood and that comes under consciousness.

Please note to be conscious, we need to understand and we need to be understood in a world where people are consciously exhausting the natural resources gifted by god to us and at the same time asking and fighting with him in the prayer,why havn’t you given me a car or a home or money or a relationship.I seriously don’t want to hurt anyone’s emotions here but I have seen a lot of individual’s comparing oneself without any basis,without understanding a fact that you are you,no one is you and your destiny is different from  even the brother or sister or mother or father or any relative with whom you are comparing yourself with. Here a complete sense of understanding is very important  to live your path calmly ,passionately ,progressively and pour yourself fully into the life that when god sees you working on yourself ,he will not only be proud but will give himself a tap on the back that what a wonderful individual I made because not your parents however he is the real creator of you as quoted in Shrimad Bhagwatam: God is in everything as well as above everything.

Let me give you an example: When a teacher teaches a child about rivers,than the teacher needs to be very expressive about the confluence of the river ,the tributaries of the river etc, for this, the teacher further takes a child imagination to Himalayas and when a child travelling to any place near Himalays where a river flows ,the child then knows where the river is coming from and where it is going.

Now, the same way, we have come to this world with a purpose(to discover your own truth) ,now that can not be eating,that definitely can not be terriorism, that can not be working all the time,than what it is ?? Well, the answer is to Understand one self, to aspire to be”ONE”, to create a world of oneness or consciousness because we all are from the same light(power) which is divided to many small lights(Which god has put in everybody’s heart in the form of energy ) And the end of this light is completing our life with consciousness and merge into the Supreme light from where we evolved.

I hope with this conscious act of writing will help a few to understand the concept of conscious living and by this I will be able to put a little help to make everyone a “ ONE” with the supreme light.

I would love to reply to the questions raised for this blog as I completely understand that conscious living is way ahead and needs to be discussed and debated for further mitigations and adaptations in lifestyle.

So, Good Morning everyone and wake up to the lifestyle which can enrich a person’s soul for every sphere of life.

Jai Shri Hari

Keep chanting the name of almighty.