Parents are a child s first care givers and pillars of strength.They are the models whom a new born child is dependent on for his basic survival of food  , clothing and shelter.A secured,loved and carefree child hood is a tonic for an Amazing emotionaly strong adult. Also the virtues of kindness, honesty and sincerity give the society an asset for its growth. Now let’s come to my current topic.. when 2 siblings of same parents having similar genetic composition, similar circumstances and conditions to grow in are so different,how can a Husband and wife be having similar style of parenting? Is there a manual some one gets at the hospital as soon as they are parents to be? Or there are some study course guiding parents to be on the same page? There is a very reputed Sri Aurobindo school near our place where we wanted our daughter to get admission and when we filled it’s prospectus we got to know we had to give an exam to qualify to get admission. The father was made to sit far away from mother,there backs facing each other and both were given a question paper with 30 situation involving the behaviour of the child and 4 options which we had to choose one and mark what we would react in at that time for example if the child spoils a wall with crayon then…like i marked the option saying i ll get the child lot more colouring books and teach her to colour there but my husband marked he ll make the child paint a peice of the spoilt wall,there were 2 more options as u ll stop talking to the child for half an hour or u ll curtail child s t v cartoon time that day! Ofcourse we dint get selected but later did i think how confusing for a child to live with 2 adult of different gender, different temperament, different eating preferences , different dressing style, different taste of music/ movie/ holiday and different pain bearing and anger expression, different take on weather to rush to doctor on slightest hurt to avoid further infection or weather to be strong and resilient and build will power! Were your parents too different in their virtues? Did u ever get confused on whom to follow?