Where are you Ma?

As a child I stand before thee,
Constantly Calling you out in sorrow and glee,
How disturbed I am without you, can’t you see?
Won’t you even glance or come near me?
I know; from Maya, I am still not free,
I have really surrendered Ma, I am on my knee,
Please take me in your arms and let me be,
For a few moments let this illusion flee!

I have no discipline nor am I well versed in Scriptures,
Nor am I interested to read books or listen to any lectures,
Why do I need to see you in idols large and miniature,
Why can’t you come and guide me in your actual stature?
Now don’t tell me to see you in everything and nature,
I am dumb and blind to feel and see you in every creature,
I am crying and lamenting, can’t you even still see my gesture?

Ma, your absence is very pestering,
It is extremely painful and disturbing,
Demons within are laughing and challenging,
My devotion and love towards you they are questioning,
I am turning weaker without your nurturing,
Why is your arrival unnecessarily delaying?

Are you taking some sort of a test?
I understand to greet you I need to be my best,
But Ma, I am tired and I really want to rest,
Please forgive my dying zest,
My heart is aching in this constricted chest,
Now I just want to enjoy in your universe’s nest!!

Take me home my Mother,
Don’t let the vices now bother,
Let me dive deep in my heart further,
Where I can be with you permanently ever after!!

-Vedant Ranadive
-13th April 2021


Happy Navratri all of you!!

Let the longing and devotion for Mother fondle in our hearts!!

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