Ever since mobile has entered our life, I think we all have got a little too personal about others life… why do I feel so?? because the first question that is always asked when one calls you is, “where are you”?

Some don’t even stop there they go another step a head to ask, “What’s the sound in the back ground, who else is there with you, who is talking to you so on and so forth

They do not even think if we would be okay answering such questions.. Not just that it has even taught us to lie…

The other day, while i was out somewhere I happened to hear a conversation of a lady standing in front of me saying” Am not in Dharwad now am in Hubli!!!” But she was there in Dharwad still, yet lying!!!

After mobiles have entered our life, I think our common sense too, has ceased to exist!

Do you all remember, once it was a privilege to have landline at home!! When the phone rang, you would be so excited to talk to!! Gone are those good days…

We still had a landline at home, until recently when BSNL decided to call it quit, we had to disconnect our landline just few months ago..

It once happened that, somebody called on the landline, very recently and mom attended the call, I guess the person on the other side, having not realized that he has called on the landline number, his first question was” Namaste, where are you???!!!”

Well, mom didn’t wanna laugh to avoid embarrassing him and answered the call and once she was done with call we all had a good laugh…

Did you come across any such funny incidents after the mobiles arrived??
Do share, in the comments below:)

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