For or against doesn’t matter.
A sex manic or celibate,
If sexuality fills the attention,
That’s what you are,
Filled throughout,
In and out.

In a garden of beauty,
If attention shifts on,
Chasing houseflies,
Killing them,
Then be rotten and stinking,
In a garden of filth,
If attention shifts on,
Praising butterflies,
Dancing along,
Then be beauty and joyful.

You are what’s in your attention,
For or against doesn’t matter,
Eliminate hate, and be hate,
Spread love, and be love.
This is the truth,
Long and eternal.


I can’t even begin to stress how powerful this simple method is. Try it and see if it works for you. The next time you are disturbed over something or find yourself negatively thinking about someone, just ask yourself, “What would I be thinking about if I wasn’t thinking about this person/incident/thing currently? What else could I think about right now?” Something amazing will happen. The power of the negative thought will diminish almost instantly. Your beautiful mind will start coming up with answers and positive things to think about.

~ OM SWAMI, The Art of Attention


Photo courtesy of Gratisography