Trying to belong somewhere,

A togetherness with someone,

Searching for a sense of purpose,

In the daily grind of this life.

I keep looking everywhere,

I find everyone, exactly like me!

No one has found their true home!

We are all lost in this maze of life,

Distracted with this daily living!

I keep knocking on closed doors,

Wondering, “is this home?”

Home is, where heart is!

Alas, I don’t know my heart!

It only tells me, “not here, not there”.

Is there anywhere,

it will tell me that it belongs to? 

Tired of finding home,

I’d rather quit,

When my time is up, and

I will get to go back to a state,

When all my searches will be over, and

I will be truly home?

Looking outside, I’d been wasting my time,

With my eyes closed, I find repose now.

The listless self ebbs away,

With a sigh of relief,

Peace engulfs me!

Hope I never tire of my true home.

Hope I never need to search for it again.

P.S. Image from Pexels by Bent Husain