Recently a question struck into my mind, as a student how we treat our life. A life as a race, in which we fully indulged ourselves, a race which has three terminals school as its first, tuitions as its second and day to day life as its third terminal.

In covid pandemic, we all got a relief from our busy and scheduled life, as a student I also got a relief from first two terminals of my life’s race and got an enough time to explore new things. The thing which impressed me the most was the beautiful relation among the students and a teacher in historical series like “Chandragupta Maurya and Maharana Pratap”. It was so fascinating for me to see such a pure and respectful relation shared among a guru and his shishya. I saw how Guru Chanakya explores different ways to teach and how obediently shishya Chandragupta follows all his teachings and became an inspirational person for all of us. In their time they were taught practically and were much skilled in every field. But now a days system of education is fully changed, earlier students studied in Gurukul and got enough time enjoy their childhood, but we have to study both in schools and tuitions. If in earlier time it was enough to study at one place then what is the fun of tuitions in our time if we go to school, and if we have to study on tuitions privately, then what is the fun of going to school.

It has now become a trend (specially in North India) that even children of first standard go to tuitions. Why we have to arrange tuitions apart from schools, or why our teachers prefer us to take tuitions from them at thier homes? Is it really fault of our teachers that they don’t gave us that 100% they should? But if I thought from our teachers side they are right from their place as they are also a part of this society. Nowadays everyone in the society is bounded with some limitations and have a stress to fullfill their needs, as parents have all-time stress of fulfilling their children needings. In earlier times, one member of nuclear family earns and whole family eats, but nowadays needings are sky-high that both the parents earn separately but can’t fullfill their children’s requirements, and this often lead everyone in our society to live a money-oriented and materialistic life.

If I say our teachers can’t give as much as they should it will be really wrong as, teachers are also bound to complete syllabus by the deadline, in limitations set by the school but if we ask from our school they will say they are under rules set by board and vice versa. I will say these minor problems leave a major drawback as it ruins the beautiful relation among the teacher and the students, as teachers nowadays can’t give their 100% and this results in disobedience and disrespectful manner from student to towards their teachers.

Nowadays study is all about bookish material and practical work is fully annihilated. Only some high class schools adopt practical ways in name of demanding high fees, but majority of students studying in budget friendly schools rely upon cramming only

But I really can’t understand who is responsible for all this, organization? Any person? Board? Teachers? or all of us?

Where is the problem rooted in the society that has made a huge gap between the beautiful relation of students and teachers as well as between the current and previous generation?