🍁 Where To Seek God?

In the seat of your heart

On the altar of devotion 

Amidst this grand chaos of the Universe

Does your God lie…

Unmoving and gentle!


His sweet smile percolates

Through the joyful laughter of babies,

Through the blushing lips

Of your beloved.

Have you seen the beauty of it?


Oh, your God is in the depth of your sorrow

Silently shedding years…

When you deeply merged

With the pain of another fellow heart

And you wanted

To give your all

To soothe that soul. 

Have you felt that pain?


Your God is in the vast emptiness,

In the endless stretch

Of your loneliness.

When even your shadow


In that utter aloneness

Your God walks with you.

Have your heard those footsteps?


Where else would you seek?

Where else but within

And in everything

In nothing

In absolute 



Oh, your God calls from within

Can you hear it? 

[P.S: We all have this confusion: where is God? Wherever He may be, the question is can we see Him? Feel Him? Hear Him? If we can, then it doesn’t matter where He is. We must see Him, hear Him, feel Him in everything. And most importantly, within!]
Thank you.
Image Credit: istockphoto. 

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