You need to seek peace where it always exists. And that’s within you.
In the search for peace, we’re naturally more attracted to what’s inside of us than to what lies outside. When we want peace, we instinctively turn to ourselves. Because we’re aware that everything outside of us is uncertain and transient. Everything we know and say, we channel. It all comes from somewhere outside, from space, from the mind, from the world, from other people. But our inner peace has its source within the soul because it’s naturally situated there. There is paramatma, the god, the light and the source of life.
I’m aware that I can find peace only if I’m sufficiently connected to my spiritual being. When I’m connected, I enjoy every moment of my life. I seem to be getting more and more connected as the years pass by. In fact, there’s no passing in this connection, everything remains. Peace is in connection. But connectivity isn’t an attachment. In each attachment you just survive while in connection you always live nicely and enjoy everything.

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