Which is the most Scariest Story? Anabella, Conjuring, Exorcist?

Wait, I am not going to review about any movies here. This post is about hard work.  Success stories of others are the scariest stories for me. Whenever I hear that Bill gates dint take holidays in his twenties, Sachin practiced hard for 12 hours a day, athletes don’t eat junk foods and so on. The only thought that comes to my mind is, “ Is success worth it”? These stories only made me anxious.

Of course, that is not the case for everyone. Many people are motivated by these stories, right? When I thought about this, I realised that I was looking at the path, a very hard path that is why I was demotivated. Those people who were inspired were looking at the destination. Their eyes and mind were fixed at the destination.

To become triumphant many times we need to do things that we don’t like mundane task. These are crucial to our success. Let me give you an example. We know that fitness is important for our well being but how many of us do it? Isn’t our health a priority? Why do we need somebody to motivate us for it? Now the question is how to go about it.

When this lockdown started, Me and my wife  decided to stop all three maids we had in our house. That was a big step for us. Within days the initial enthusiasm was gone. Work was piling up, Vessel washing, dusting of the house was back breaking. Kitchen sink was like Akshaya Patra, vessels were overflowing. Quarrels started to arise between me and my wife. So I decided to do something before things got out of hand.

I started doing the following things, these learning can be substituted for any job.

1-I began doing japa, when washing plates. It was not easy, but whenever I felt bored and pained, I chanted. I substituted negative thoughts with Japa.

2-Chanting of mantra was never easy while working, but another beautiful thing happened. Whenever I realised that my mind had wandered, I also became aware of my thoughts. I realised that along with negative thoughts, some extremely  useful thoughts came along. It was about work that I had  to do on that day, ideas for blogs and many more. I realised I had the power to choose the thoughts.

3- As I discussed earlier I started to think about the destination. If I can wash few more plates, my wife would be happy. If I could dust the house, I can spare my wife some pain. All that wanted to see was smile in the face of my wife. That encouraged me to do that extra bit. I have not mastered these yet, still, we have the quarrels. But when my wife told me that I have changed a lot and my involvement in the household chores is very helpful. I felt as if I had conquered Himalayas.

Not only for household chores, this technique will help us, in doing that mundane job which we always wanted to do, the job that we kept postponing forever. It could be our fitness program, boring work at office. Meditation and being aware of our thoughts is not new for most of us here. Trained by an enlightened guru these methods will be a child’s play for us. Hereafter success stories of others will not be frightening rather It will be a Spiritual experience.

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