It has been 3 months since I have been away from writing on These 3 months have been very hectic but at the same time it has been equally fruitful as I have learnt a lot about life. While I was away, I had completely dedicated my time in solving issues and problems in others’ families while doing my day job. I had to go to different cities, working from (others’) home and spending time with them personally while solving their problems.

Child education, marital abuse, infidelity, divorce, mental health and what not. Everything in just 90 days.

Once I get back into my routine I will start detailing some of my key observations and tips, but before that I felt I should share a short summary of my learnings.

Honestly, I owe it to the readers of, especially to those who have clicked the ‘follow’ button on my profile and put their trust in me. I somehow feel its my responsibility to write.

If there is one thing that I missed the most in last 3 months then it has to be writing. Initially it may feel like just a temporary spike of excitement when we take up something new, but its been more that 1 year since I started writing on and I surely miss it while being away.

So, here are the 10 things (in no particular order) that I learnt while I was away.

Please note that I am not judging anyone. I am just reporting my observations. In the end, each and every person I met has my unconditional love.

  1. ‘Privileged’ people without purpose in life not only waste their time but also the time of people around them by dragging them into their purposeless activities. Having purpose in life is the most important boon.
  2. The evolution of the entire Indian civilization, its prosperity and smooth progress has been possible only because of the patience shown by Indian women. The known roles as a wife, as a daughter, as a mother and the unknown roles as a friend, as a handmaid…and many others.
  3. The statement that swamiji sometimes says, ‘Every man is a cheat’ initially started as a hypothesis for my observation. The more I get to know people the more it is turning to be true.
  4. A woman as a wife can absorb the infidelity of her husband to let the family stay together. This is what makes her great.
    The same woman not stopping her son for creating the same situation is unacceptable. This is what makes men fearless and our society weak.
  5. Every child has the right to be exposed to possibilities in life.
    Try it and you will see how they end up doing impossible things.
  6. It takes 14 days to get into a  rhythm while taking up new habit building
    It takes just 7 days of indiscipline to completely undo ones hard work of building that habit.
  7. Its comparatively easy to sympathize, its very difficult to empathize.
  8. Any kind of stress eventually shows up on ones mental health. Most of the general population rarely acknowledge its existence. Mental health awareness is still exposed to the privileged class only.
  9. If you are open to helping others around you, you will start attracting people who need help. Most of this world is staying in houses made of glass walls, just one stone and their lives are naked.
  10. Meditation is not the panacea but it’s the closest to all the solutions that exist. Share this one habit with others and see how much difference it makes in their lives.

Thank You