I had a pet, a Pomeranian white dog. His name was Whito. When I was in class ninth, papa had brought him to us from an uncle who was his earlier owner.

Both my sister and I loved Whito. He was very cute and really handsome for a dog. So, we playfully called him ‘Handsome Kutta’ (handsome dog). I would lovingly call him with different names like Whito, Bhaito, Bhowzy, etc.

He would sit with us on the bed or the sofa and snuggle himself between our blankets in the winters. I used to do a lot of playful activities with him. I used to run and he used to follow. I would hide and he would come looking for me.

He was very obedient. He used to listen the most to me. He would follow my every command and when I used to take him for a walk, I didn’t need to have him chained. He would always go according to how I wanted him to.

Sometimes during the walks, he would find another dog roaming about and he would want to fight with him but when I would command him to stop and to not go away like that, he used to oblige although with some effort on my part.

But one day, I came back from school and went to take my nap when I heard my mummy shriek and call out my name.

I went out. ‘Kya hua?’ I asked her. And there he was, our beloved Whito, lying in our backyard, in blood. He was lying there paralyzed. His eyes weren’t moving or blinking. He lay there like dead.

I said ‘mummy pani lao’ (bring some water) and I poured some water drops on his face. Nothing happened. I tried again and again. I was crying at the top of my voice to see my Whito like that. After a few tries his eyes blinked. He was still alive. We immediately took him to the hospital covered in a blanket.

The doctor said he would get alright and gave him glucose. But on the third day he breathed his last. That evening he died and we dug up his grave in our backyard and buried him. It is five years now since his death.

Whito was and is really close to me. His memories always bring a smile on my face. Such is a dog’s love.

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