Do I really want to be a writer, a good writer, so to say? This could be a potential query in many minds. Today I will try to find the possible answers.

A good writer, like any good film director, can make readers laugh or cry, feel happy or sad, angry or forgiving. Be it through fictional or non-fictional writings.

How does this miracle happen? Lets explore.

First and foremost, it seems they are all real lovers of life, and keen observers. They are forever interested in world and its happenings, in people, their looks, lives, habits, appearance, likes, dislikes . They possess a special flair for practical life and sharp memory as well. Their observing powers are way better than others. And their hold on language is superb.

These are a few qualities which almost every good writer possesses. Few gifted ones have good intellect as well, in addition to above. And very few are even spiritually enriched.

When it comes to me, I have never ever paid any attention to the details. Details of people, of surroundings, of nature, things and so on. Moreover, my memory is मा शा अल्लाह 😊. I am someone who has to struggle to recall what I ate in breakfast. For me recollection of memories of past is not an easy task. I do not have a flair for either details or even facts. Be it school, college, office or even home – ask me for any stage of life, and I am almost a blank screen. A lot of efforts are needed to switch the botton on and retrieve a bit from past. And language? Am struggling to find right expressions for माशाअल्लाह 😀😀😀😀. For me, English is still a second/business language. I always think in hindi, I speak hindi, I enjoy hindi – my own hindi. I often skip even reading the english poetry, even at this platform, just because I could not develop that natural bond with it.

So, my above question is incorrect. Instead, it needs to be – Do I have the right ingredients to be a writer?

The clear cut answer comes out – No. Either I amend my ways and start being what I have not been till date. Or I continue to be what I have been till date, and do not nurture any dream to be a good writer. So I choose my seeking spirit over my intellectual, superficial desire.

But…. but…..
am enjoying thoroughly

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