Who am I?

This question echoes in my heart’s cave,
It constantly meets the shore of my mind like a sea wave,
Every time it touches me, I lose my inner comfort and warmth,
All I am then thrown into is a hazy dizzy questioning storm,
A storm full of answers and swirl of emotions,
Reflecting back at me my outlooks and my notions.

So Who am I?
I roared through the screeching dilemmas and confusions,
Only to find myself in a pool of ever-increasing illusions,
But observing these illusions I slowly distanced myself,
Only to know the false reality that I myself created and dwelled.

Who Am I isn’t a label or a profession,
It isn’t a hobby or any obsession,
It isn’t my degree nor my name,
It isn’t my struggle nor my fame,
It isn’t my thought nor my emotion,
It isn’t my pain nor any lotion.

I am beyond all these pieces and parts,
All deluding or introducing me to the truth in my heart,
I am merely an observer being nourished in mother nature’s womb,
With her lap ultimately being my final resting tomb.

The body simply binds me to an illusive field of time,
While my soul is submerged in the eternal melodious cosmic hymn,
This hymn often buzzes constantly in my ear,
Reminding me about the bliss of simply being here,
Here in the moment, this present moment,
Keeping me above past’s haunting torments,
And worrying calls of the future,
Helping me enjoy bliss and connect with nature,

Where I am thoughtless and absorbed in peace,
Where I experience calmness and an inner sense of ease,
This state in itself then blurs my inner individuality,
It tends to free me from an inner duality,
Though the periphery of my body remains in reality,
But my heart and mind unite realizing the truth of oneness and unity!!

I am nothing and everything all at once,
I have an identity because of curves and turns,
But ultimately this body will be reduced to ash in an urn,
For I am not the body or the mind which will eventually burn,
But the light which will merge and return to its shining bright Sun!!

-Vedant Ranadive
-July 30th 2021


Long time no seee, Well feels like I am back after aeons, so much development has happened huh? Great to be back, I have a very good news to share with all of you, will be sharing that soon, a lot has happened in the last 2 months and I am excited to share it one by one with everyone. 

Thank you for reading till here, This particular poem is the one I wrote a after a very long time just 2 days after my 21st birthday, I was happy to see the way it came out!


Take Care, Good Day to all of you!!! Thanks to Swamiji and Everyone for being there on this platform and  creating and adding wonders to all of our lives!! 

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