(Here the “I” is the truest nature sans all conditioning, the primordial essence that is our Real Self. Not to be confused with the small “i” of limited personality). 

Translation of a poem by Kabir, the second coolest adept that world has ever seen! (The coolest, for me, will always be the ever humourous and the ever compassionate, Swamiji 😉)
Are you Kabir-savvy enough to guess the poem? Drop the name in the comment section if you recognised it!  

Love and light! 


I am no one- a non-entity,
I have been identity-less in age after age.
I never came here, nor do I ever leave this place.
How will you destroy me- I cannot be obliterated or caged.

I am born with every new-born babe.
And I am the one who is burnt to ashes in every funeral pyre.
I belong to every clan and community
A wanderer in this carnival, I am beyond any desire.

I am in all and all are in me.
And yet I am untouched and free.
The silence merges with the noise- the flesh with the bone,
The crowd dwells in me and yet I am completely Alone.

I am the mystic and I am the enlightenment.
I am the one who speaks and I am the silence.
The search of self goes round and round,
I reveal myself in the primordial sound.

At times I bask in my human form,
In my deep abyss, I am Divine.
That is all part of my inner play,
Form and Formless- both are mine.

The world moves for those who are bound in the limits of time and space.
I dance within my own inner hut, a witness of Life, I am not a part of any race.