Who are we? are we a body or a soul. When we attempt to consider such significant explanations at our level all we see is an actual body in a mirror through the visual vehicle of the actual eyes.

The primary layer in this perplexing making of the human body is the actual body. Which doesn’t have anything in it that is everlasting. Each second the body is changing as a matter of fact cells are passing on each second and new cells are being conceived. The second the cell passing rate is more than the cell rate of birth we are moving towards the finish of the actual body. We are really moving towards actual passing, demise as a matter of fact is a long interaction, it’s anything but an occasion which simply occurs.

The subsequent layer is the brain which is more transient and temporary than the body. The psyche also is constantly deteriorating. The brain is the inward piece of the body and the body is the external piece of the psyche. The body is your external shell, the psyche is your inward shell, yet you are past both. When you get this understanding, genuineness of life starts.