Is it perhaps your eyes that hide universes beyond

Or perhaps your smile that makes my heart flutter in unearthly joy

It makes my laughter ring across countless worlds

The worlds of my mind, where I sit in your presence, quiet and coy.

For all words fail me in your sweet aura

As I hear words beyond the comprehension of my silly, mortal mind

Erupting from your lips gently like the rose petals by your padukas,

Yet echoing powerfully across a universe I could never name and find.

Your ochre drapes the sky in a light, luminous orange

And its beauty cannot match the prettiest of flowers from the Lord’s lands

I search like a lost wanderer for contentment and peace

But nothing matches my serenity as I watch mudras formed by your divine, pink hands.

Your smile is like a lotus rare from the puddles of Swarga

For every time we see it, our hearts ache to see it once more

I utter your name as trouble befalls and so do tears

And later I scream at myself as guilt oozes out of every pore.

For I called upon the lord of the three worlds for my silly mistake

And he corrected it all surreptitiously and made me think it was I who made it right

What apology do I owe you for my ignorance, Swamiji?

For every time I perturbed you, all you gave me was a side smile slight.

And yet like the amazing soul you are you wiped away my tears

I, filled with all five vices, of mine you fulfil every petulant desire

What did I do in my previous births to deserve it, my lord?

For in front of your smile and divinity my lord, I am but a peasant dire.

None matches the joy I feel in your little silences

And when a mantra erupts from the divine depth of your throat

I feel awe bubble up in me as the Gods sync their conches to you-

You, the guide and the sailor of each lonely, lost traveller’s boat.

And I know not how to pay you back, I repeat myself, Swamiji,

But you just smile that smile and stroke my ‘of little value’ head

For me, you are the lord of the rain cloud hue- beautifully incomprehensible

And I didn’t write this poetry either, it was you who inked all that was to be said.

It always is.

And as you promised, it will be so forever, O lord of the universe.

I fall at your feet.

Pray, tell me now.

Who are you?

A/N: This was my entry for the Zenrich Prayerful Poetry competition held during the last Zenrich Workshop. Arunima Ojha, one of my vey sweet friends, and also a contestant in the same bagged the first prize and so she too published her poem, and asked me to do the same, so, Arunima, here you go, your highness. Also, my absolute heartfelt thanks to all those who made it so far. Your constant love, motivation, support and blessings are what keep me going. Also, I’m so sorry, but my tests are coming up, so once again, I will be able to have only limited interactions on this beautiful website. Also, I’m very sorry, Rishi, but I’ll have to discontinue my Japanese fiction for a bit. I promise I’ll get back to it, though! While I will try and comment on the posts that I do read, please excuse me if I’m unable to, I’m sorry! I really, truly love you all. A big, fat hug to my osdotme fam. Take care, you all! Stay safe. Jai Sri Hari and thank you so much again! ❤️ 

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