Hi, first of all, a lovely good morning to you all. Life is really amazing and the only way to experience life is to go through it. We come into this world, grow old, participate in this worldly drama and one day leave. The drama seems so real that 99% of the people really forget their true nature and identify themselves as various definitions. But that’s the whole purpose of this world. The Maya is so strong that coming out of it seems nearly impossible unless we are blessed by a Guru.

It was a fine evening I was sitting on the edge of our terrace, enjoying the sunset suddenly got some news on my WhatsApp which disturbed my mind. There were some communal incidents that occurred that day. I could not hold my patience, I was enraged and wanted to punish the culprits myself. What’s even more horrible was that I was blaming the whole community for the incident. I was too strongly identified with my Tribe, and clan that I was ready to wage a war on the other community. Young blood boils faster…..

But now, as a little more mature person than I was on that day when I contemplate that event, I feel it was too funny for me to act like that. We get too serious with our identity that we almost forget that the Paramatma situates inside all of us. I was angry because I thought I was so and so and I belong to some clan or community. Well, it is true but not the ultimate truth. In this life, I am Mr XYZ, but was I the same all the time? We believe in reincarnation and take it seriously and here is the catch.  If we believe in reincarnation, why do identify ourselves as Mr XYZ from this clan or nation?

What if I was a British in my previous life or maybe an African? What if I was from the community that had done the misdeed? And here I was, getting angry at them! Mahamaya is so great. This random thought has brought a sense of serenity in me. I was no longer angry at anyone or a particular group of people. It’s all futile after all. What are we fighting for? To satisfy the ego of this identity that dies when we leave our body?

I want you all to think for a moment. When something political, religious or communal incident occurs that disturbs our mind and we blame each other, even get ready to do all nasty things, just think for a moment. Why am I doing this and for whom are we doing this? We live in a time when Hindus blame Muslims and vice versa. What if we were Muslim in our past life? Would not it be funny that we have taken on our enemy’s side today (by being born as a Hindu)? What if I was the chief commander of Aurangzeb and killed many Hindus and Today as a Hindu blaming Muslims for the massacre? Or what if I was the Crusader Knight appointed by the Pope to free the Holy Land and killed many Muslims? Just kidding! but possible though. We reincarnated and poof! changed our side. What an irony! Yesterday we were fighting for a cause and today we are trying to destroy it. You can call it karma or divine will. After all, our conditioned mind can not comprehend the divine will that is running this universe.

When we think about it deeply, I believe we will become more tolerant and less violent towards each other. After all, this world is just a big theatre and we are all doing our part. Let’s not take it too seriously. I hope you will contemplate this topic today. May the Divine enlighten us all. Please feel free to share your valuable thoughts, after all, I may be wrong again. Have a great day ahead, Thank you.