If we talk to 10 people and ask them, are they happy? 9 out of 10 people will answer in negative. If we change the response group age, the answer will change, and the most positive answer will come from the kids below 4, who are either at home or play way.

Why is it so that as the age grows level of happiness goes down? The question that comes in mind is what is the definition of joy that makes the responses change. Is the definition different at different ages, and is it that these are the ones that make an individual feel the pain and neglect.

If we try to understand the situation at different age levels:

For kids: happiness is fun, play and warmth of parents love, but scolding is sadness.

For students: happiness is sports, friends and wretch less life whereas pressure to perform in studies is the sadness.

Earners: happiness is the paycheck at the end of the month, promotion new car or maybe a partner, whereas pressure to earn is the other way around.

Married people: happiness is the completeness they feel, and pressure keeps the marriage going and having a happy life.

Old age: happiness is being around loved one without any significant ailment, whereas being alone and dependent on others is the cause of sadness.

Happiness has a level, but one thing that can be considered a food for thought is finding joy in short-term materialistic things, or do we see it deep within us. Are we also running in the same madness that everyone is and if satisfaction is being counted on the Materialistic Approach, it always has a cost attached to it, and it is more than the monetary numbers, It is peace of mind?

Answer yourself,” Who sleeps better at night, a millionaire or roadside worker.” If you are right for yourself, you will find an answer to it.

Phrases like,” If we need to cry it is better to do it in Ferrari”, has taken all of us away from the real happiness of life. Happiness comes from being with loved ones. To see a smile on the kid’s face when they run and hug their moms when they reach back from work. This is true, real happiness. Happiness is not in the number of cars or houses you own. It is in one with the person whom you love the most.

So, do happiness has a cost, yes, it does have and what it is, it the time and attention you can give your loved ones.

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