There are many good software and apps that can calculate and make various reports, horoscopes, calculate degrees of planets, Nakshatra, and yoga also but what it doesn’t have is the brain and intuitive abilities and predictions are only based on that.

There are many ways to know if the Yearly Detailed report like a Computer or software-generated astrology report is very highly not completely trustworthy. Remember that the exact planetary position that you were born in will never be repeated for the next billion years. What that means is that you are a unique piece of birth whose life can be only deciphered by a competent astrologer, looking at your kundali. Computerized reports generate random and assorted predictions based on various planetary positions in various zodiac signs. There is no expert reading involved. You will never get a correct report.

To know the perfect details and exact report of the Kundali, it is better to trust expert astrologers than on computers. What computers do is calculated based on the fixed install software and readings. So for every third or fourth time, the results will be more or less the same and easy to predict. Which is not absolutely true.

It is better to learn about the Kundali from expert astrologers and give them proper birth information. So, they can provide accurate results without any manipulated results. They give you the correct information about your life worries and give accurate solutions. Talk to astrologers which will help you and guide you in life for betterment and solutions.

If you are looking for the best astrology report then Chirag Daruwalla is the expert astrologer from the reputed house of Bejan Daruwalla who provides the best reports and all types of life’s problem solutions.
Only a good astrologer can see the alignments and connect everything for the proper results and then he will do a prediction for you.

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