I often wonder what kind of person I would have turned out to be had I not suffered in the ways that I did, and I shudder to think that my life could be anything other than what it is now.

I cannot, therefore, be anything less than grateful even to those at whose hands I suffered.

For many years I tried to forget them. And now it seems, I honour them.

Who I am Today

The hand that broke my slate of grey

The face that breathed the wrath of day

The one who with that stern face swayed

He made me who I am today

Might I have held the fire of ire

Might I have crumbled at the fear

But what if

I chose instead

To walk on, clear

To tread the path of love, not dread

Might I be as strong as this

To shed all that had held me back

To rise above the pain of him


No matter what I’d hoped from him

He made me who I am today

And who am I? 

I am That

Strong and Kind

Woman and Wise

One who walks the path of Light

And so I thank him for the pain

It made me who I am today

To anyone else who’s lived this story, there is always hope.

Never let the actions of others hold you back or take away your goodness.

Goodness always wins in the end. My Guru ji showed me that 🙂